Designed for the beginner to intermediate climber, kids will practice knot tying, climbing commands, safety checks, belay technique, problem-solving, movement technique, and “projecting” routes. Practices are structured with a series of lessons and games, with a focus on having fun while learning! The open age range for this program provides an opportunity for kids to develop a sense of teamwork, responsibility, and mentorship within our community!


Q: What is the difference between the youth climbing club and the climbing team?
A:  Climbing club is for kids that want to climb, without the commitment of the climbing team. The club is a great way for kids to decide which one is a better fit for their interest and skill level. The climbing club is a great spot to start and meet new friends in an encouraging and friendly environment.

Q: What is the age range for the youth climbing club?
A:  The youth climbing club is meant for kids age 5-14. Children ages 3-4 will be accepted into the class on an individual basis.

Q: What days and times are these classes?
A: This class is offered on Mondays ,Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00pm.

Q: How much does the Kids Program cost?
A:  Drop-ins are $35/non-member and $30/member, 5-punch cards are $150, 10-punch cards are $250, and we also have an unlimited option for members which is $125/month (in addition to monthly membership fees).

Q: Will my child learn how to top rope belay?
A: Kids will learn how to top rope belay under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

Q: Isn’t 14 the minimum age to belay at RRG?  If my child is in a kids class, can they belay in the gym outside of class?
A: No, our trained staff will always back up the belays for kids under 14.

Climbing Club members climbing the walls.

Climbing Club members climbing the walls.