Through a series of climbing games and team-building activities, kids can build confidence, make new friends, and learn more about the sport of rock climbing!

In addition to climbing safety, technique, and etiquette, kids will have the opportunity to build relationships, problem-solve, learn communication skills, sportsmanship, responsibility, and much more with an emphasis on having fun while learning.

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Q: What is the age range for the youth climbing club?
A:  The youth climbing club is recommended for kids age 6-14, but anyone under the age of 6 who is excited to climb, and can follow safety rules is welcome!

Q: What days and times are classes offered?
A: The club meets Monday - Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 p.m., with the option to attend as little as once, or as many as all three times per week!

Q: How much does the Youth Club cost?
A:  Youth Club Unlimited Membership: $125/month (in addition to monthly membership); Drop-in: $30/member & $35/non-member; 5-punch cards: $150; 10-punch cards: $250

Q: What should I bring to practice?
A:  Kids should bring comfortable athletic clothing, water, and a snack to practice. Some warm-up/practice time may be spent outdoors, so kids should arrive in weather-appropriate apparel.

Q: What does a typical practice look like?
A:  Climbing is a dynamic sport, and the climbing gym is a dynamic environment— no two practices will look the same, but typically involve a variety of climbing games, team-building activities, and outdoor time, with plenty of time for rest in between.

Q: What is the difference between the youth climbing club and the climbing team?
A:  The Climbing Club is a prerequisite for our competitive Climbing Team. It’s a great way for the kids and coaches to determine the right fit for each individual within our Youth Programs.

Q: Will my child learn how to top rope belay?
A: Kids will learn how to top rope belay under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

Q: The minimum age to belay at RRG is 14… if my child is in a Youth Program, can they belay in the gym outside of class?
A: No. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to belay with permission and supervision of our trained coaches. Youth Club members are required to have a back-up at all times when practicing belaying.

Climbing Club members climbing the walls.

Climbing Club members climbing the walls.