Head Coach Drew Schick teaching the kids technique on the training wall.

Head Coach Drew Schick teaching the kids technique on the training wall.

Youth Team

Our climbing team includes all of the fun of our climbing club, but is designated for those with a more serious commitment to climbing. Practice includes structured drills and climbing-specific exercises to improve climbing performance and prepare members for climbing in a competition setting. Team members are expected to attend at least two of the four practices offered each week.


Q: Who can I contact if my child is interested in joining the climbing team?
A: Drew Schick is the head coach of the Riverfront Climbing Team. He is available during practice time (Monday-Thursday, 4-7 pm) to answer any questions. If you are not able to come down, please feel free to contact him at drew@riverfrontrockgym.com.

Q: How old do the kids have to be in order to join the team?
A: Kids should be in the age range of 8-18 years old in order to be eligible to compete in USAC sanctioned competitions. Children younger than 8 will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Is there a girls and a boys team?
A: The youth climbing team is for both girls and boys.

Q: What days and time will the team practice on?
A: The current practice schedule is Monday-Thursday from 4-7pm. Team members are required to attend at least two practices per week.

Q: Do the kids have to go to every practice?
A: Kids will be required to attend at least 2 of the 4 offered practice days each week. Kids are also encouraged to find additional time each week or on weekends to climb inside or outside.

Q: How much does the kid’s team cost?
A: The RRG Climbing Team has a monthly fee of $200 in addition to the kid's monthly gym membership.

Q: Will the kid’s compete in competitions?
A: Team members are encouraged to compete in as many competitions as they would like, though it is not required. Our team competes together and cheers each other on at climbing competitions, mainly throughout the state of Washington.

Q: Where will these competitions be at?
A: Competitions are held throughout the state, nation, and world in multiple climbing disciplines over the course of the year.

Q: Do the parents have to travel with the kids to different competitions?
A: Parents will be required to provide transportation to all competitions their children will be attending.

Q: What are the benefits for kids joining the climbing team?
A: Our experienced coaches offer mentorship as well as teaching technical climbing skills. Personal development is also a benefit of the team, as they learn to work hard and support each other are they grow into the sport.